Mummy Knew by Lisa James Book Review


There are no words to describe how horrifying the events in this book are. No child should ever have to experience what Lisa James went through during her childhood, and I felt absolutely sick to my stomach while reading this. Lisa James is an amazing woman who went through so much as a child, and she is even more amazing to be able to tell us about her experience.

The story starts off with Lisa living with her grandmother, but after her grandmother is injured, she is sent to her mother, who is negligent in every possible way. Things are fine for a while until her mother gets a new boyfriend. This new boyfriend will be Lisa’s tormentor physically throughout her childhood and mentally throughout her adulthood. He is a monster to do those things to a child, and her mother is just as much a monster for letting it happen. Even aware of what was going on between her new husband and daughter, she did nothing. If anything, she grew to hate Lisa, seeing her as some sort of rival for her husband’s affection.Things become even more horrifying when her mom insists she move in with Frank, the husband. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Here was a mother who was willingly giving her daughter to a sick and twisted pervert. Ugh.

This book is quite graphic and certainly is not for everyone, but I implore you to read it. It’s a story that is awful but still happens around us. Sexual or any abuse shouldn’t be tolerated and ignored as it was in Lisa’s family, and I absolutely recommend this book. I’m sure a lot of people can find comfort in Lisa’s story, knowing that they are not alone. Lisa is an amazing person who endured so much and was able to move on and do something with her life. I highly recommend this moving but horrifying and shocking read.


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