Sinister (2012 film) Review


I have no words to describe how much I loved this movie. It was horrifyingly fantastic. Over the recent years, few movies have really stuck with me. This movie is definitely one of them. Let me tell you why.

I liked the whole premise of the movie. When I saw the bodies hanging from the tree in the beginning of this movie, I knew it was going to be one heck of a journey, and boy was it. Sinister is about true crime writer Ellison Oswalt played by Ethan Hawke moving his family into his next big project – the house of where a mass murder and kidnapping took place. After moving in, Ellison finds a box of seemingly normal family tapes in the attic. However, the tapes turn out to be of various mass murders that have taken place – all of which somehow relates to the symbol for the pagan deity, Bughuul. Not long after watching the tapes, Ellison sees Bughuul in them, and he can’t seem to get away from “Mr. Boogie.” The movie does a great job of telling us the story. It didn’t seem rushed at all, and I really liked the characters because of that. I got to know them more, and I was rooting for them so badly. The whole plot was definitely very well thought out.

The tapes bring me to my next point. This movie was pretty scary, and the tapes were one of the things I loved most about this movie. They were so horribly ironic in their naming (Eg. BBQ ’79, Pool Party ’66, etc.), and it was just great. Bughuul, himself, is pretty creepy. It’s a simple design, but it is very effective. I can just see him standing there in the bushes while I walk alone at night. After watching this movie, I was afraid to see him in my bedroom. The soundtrack was a beautiful addition to this haunting movie. It was just perfect for the mood of it all. I was on my toes the entire time, and I felt the eerie sensation I was being watched because of the atmosphere. I loved every moment of it.

“Once you see him, nothing can save you.”

I’m very interested in the the idea of being cursed by seeing things. It’s totally freaky.That’s why I really like The Grudge, The Ring, and other movies with similar themes. This movie is one of them, and the thought of that is absolutely terrifying to me. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I were to be haunted. Seeing movies like this really gives me the chills. I always feel like I’m going to be cursed like the characters just by watching the movie.

So, is this movie worth watching? Yes. It’s one of the better horror movies to be released recently, and I totally recommend it. It’s just absolutely fantastic. It’s a great movie to add to any horror junkie’s collection.


4 comments on “Sinister (2012 film) Review

  1. I saw this movie just when it came out last year, honestly the move freaked me out, however it has to be said, I am not a big fan of horror movies in the first place. When I say not fan of, I mean to hate it guts, and it was a good friend of mine who talked me into it. We both sat with our jackets over our heads most of the time, as well as screaming every ten seconds (well, we are easily scared, are we not?) I must say it is almost embarrassing how afraid we were, but even though the experience was not to good for me personally, it does not mean that the movie was bad. Not at all. A brillant horror movie is supposed to scare the hell out of you, in which Sinester definitely did, therefore I certainly agree on your review on this movie. Fantastically scary, I would say!

    • Yes, horror is definitely not for everyone. Sometimes, I have to literally drag and force some of my friends to watch it with me, but horror movies are never as much fun as when you’re with good company, so they’ll just have to deal with it! When I watched it in the cinema, I think we were the only ones there, so we could scream to our heart’s content 🙂

  2. I heard of this movie and my blog I do is about horror films and reviewing it. After reading this I may have to watch it and do one for myself because you made this sound epic!

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