FILM REVIEW: Evil Dead (2013)


I haven’t reviewed any horror films in a while, and I’ve been itching to do one on this movie. As you all probably know, this is a remake of the cult classic Evil Dead  which was directed and written by Sam Raimi. If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I love Evil Dead. I love everything about it – from the cheesy acting to the creepy but low budget makeup. As you can imagine, when I heard they were remaking it, I was extremely wary. However, as I sat in the cinema watching it, I was surprised to find that I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it – the original will always have a place in my heart – but I did like it, and I would recommend it to anyone. Having said that, let’s get this review on the road.

The Plot. Yes, it was the same old plot – group of friends in a cabin, unleashing  an evil spirit upon them through reciting the words in The Book of the Dead. However, it should be said that there are clear differences between the two. There is definitely more of a back story to this one. You have emotionally vulnerable Mia (Jane Levy), who has a drug addiction that she wants to beat. What do they decide to do? Pack up and spend the weekend in a terribly creepy cabin and wait it out cold turkey is what. I liked the fact that they decided to expand on the original storyline, so that was a plus for me. Overall, the plot was pretty good and definitely made way for some great tension between the characters.

The Characters. Speaking of tensions, there’s some pretty heavy ones between Mia and her brother, David (Shiloh Fernandez), and you can tell from the beginning. I really like the whole dynamic between the two siblings. It was certainly portrayed better than in the original, I have to admit. I also liked how the two other characters did play quite a big role in the movie. They weren’t just there for the sole purpose of having them become infected and possessed as I had thought while watching the original. However, the relationship that was lacking was between David and his girlfriend. She was pretty useless in the whole movie which was pretty disappointing. I couldn’t help but remember Bruce Campbell and Betsy Baker’s cute and weird staring game (thumbs up if you know what I’m talking about).

The Horror. I think this is where I was somewhat disappointed. Sure, the makeup and CG was a step-up quality-wise, but I wasn’t wowed. I expected more. It wasn’t groundbreaking and felt unoriginal to me. With the original, I understood that it was a while ago, and to be honest, I think I was more freaked out watching the original than this remake. It did have some scary parts and creepy moments, that’s for sure, but overall I wasn’t up that night hiding under my blankets with the nightlight on. However, I do have to admit that I absolutely loved the end scene. It was so perfect. The blood, the chase, and Mia being absolutely kickass. Overall, the horror wasn’t on par with my expectation, but it did have its moments that are definitely worth checking out.

So would I recommend this one? Absolutely! It’s not going to be the most amazing horror movie you’ve ever seen, and it certainly won’t be “the most terrifying film you will ever experience,”  but it is definitely worth checking out if only to spot all the little references made to the original. I think the final bonus scene also makes up for any ill feelings towards this movie! If you haven’t watched the original, please do so before watching this one. I think it’s a lot more fun that way. Anyway, I’d love to hear what you guys thought about this one. Don’t forget to leave your comments!

Live long and prosper guys!


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