FILM REVIEW: The Pact (2012)


What a movie this was! I have to say I really enjoyed it. The Pact is about Annie (Caity Lotz) going back to her childhood home after the disappearance of her sister and the death of her mother. From the start, things are definitely not right in the house, and that’s what the movie explores.

The Plot: I really like the plot of this one because it kept me on edge. I wanted to know what was going to happen. There was so much secrecy in Annie’s family, and I wanted to know just how disturbed her mother was. It’s pretty great watching everything unravel before you in the 89 minutes of the movie. It’s a mystery/thriller/ horror movie that is definitely worth watching!

The Characters: If I had to pick a negative aspect of this movie, it would definitely be the characters. The movie focused a lot more on the plot, and therefore, I felt as though the characters were somewhat neglected. However, you still rooted for the main character. She wasn’t unlikable which was definitely a plus. Overall, the characters were okay. Caity Lotz’s acting was pretty solid considering how little information we’re given on her character.

The Horror: This movie wastes no time in getting the ball rolling. From the first scene, we’re thrown right into creepiness. You’re on edge for a lot of the time, and the ominous music definitely does not help the situation. Overall, it was pretty freaky. The scariest moment, hands down, are the parts with the ghost. It’s so chilling and creepy and absolutely brilliant!

I would definitely recommend this one. The whole movie was very well done. The ending didn’t completely make sense to me, but overall, it was great and worth watching. Tell me what you guys think about this one!


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