Book Review: The Troop by Nick Cutter


This book is okay. As most people have mentioned, this book is very reminiscent of Stephen King’s style. Although it is not badly written, I found the story itself lacking. I should probably mention that I am an avid horror fan, so my standards for gore are pretty high. This is probably why I was not pulled in by this book. I expected it to scare me, but this book failed to deliver on that. However, I will say that the premise is interesting, and I did feel grossed out at certain points of the story. It just isn’t the kind of grossed out that lingers for days.

Story: As I said, The Troop is quite predictable. I also would have liked for it to have paid more attention to the survival aspect of the story. This is a book about a group of boy scouts being stuck on an island with a deadly parasite, so I expected a lot more survival struggles. At times this book felt drawn out, and it was one of those books where I felt as if I’d been reading so much only to find out I’ve barely made a dent in the book. It just didn’t captivate me.

Characters: The characters felt very clichéd. The dialogue felt juvenile and too boyish for me. I suppose it just wasn’t my cup of tea, but I’m sure it would appeal more to a younger and male audience. I did like the relationships between the boys though. I found myself rooting for them wholeheartedly.

The Gore: The gore was okay. I’ve seen worse. It certainly didn’t make me want to throw up my lunch. However, I’d attribute that to the fact that I rarely am ever affected by gore to the point where it would make my stomach churn. That’s just me though, but I’m sure a lot of other people would find this book terrifying, so I would definitely recommend this to horror and gore fans. I do have to warn readers that there is a substantial amount of animal abuse in this story, so if you are offended by that sort of thing, I would avoid this book. That was probably the most terrifying aspect of this book for me. In fact, I skipped those parts.

The Writing: The writing is not bad. I thought quite a few of the descriptions were very well done. It made me feel icky, so kudos to the writer for that. As I said before, I had a problem with the dialogue as it felt too juvenile and boyish for me, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.

Overall: This book is a good debut, and I’d be happy to read more from the author. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but it’s a good start. I would definitely recommend this to a younger, male audience as well as horror and gore fans.


FILM REVIEW: The Pact (2012)


What a movie this was! I have to say I really enjoyed it. The Pact is about Annie (Caity Lotz) going back to her childhood home after the disappearance of her sister and the death of her mother. From the start, things are definitely not right in the house, and that’s what the movie explores.

The Plot: I really like the plot of this one because it kept me on edge. I wanted to know what was going to happen. There was so much secrecy in Annie’s family, and I wanted to know just how disturbed her mother was. It’s pretty great watching everything unravel before you in the 89 minutes of the movie. It’s a mystery/thriller/ horror movie that is definitely worth watching!

The Characters: If I had to pick a negative aspect of this movie, it would definitely be the characters. The movie focused a lot more on the plot, and therefore, I felt as though the characters were somewhat neglected. However, you still rooted for the main character. She wasn’t unlikable which was definitely a plus. Overall, the characters were okay. Caity Lotz’s acting was pretty solid considering how little information we’re given on her character.

The Horror: This movie wastes no time in getting the ball rolling. From the first scene, we’re thrown right into creepiness. You’re on edge for a lot of the time, and the ominous music definitely does not help the situation. Overall, it was pretty freaky. The scariest moment, hands down, are the parts with the ghost. It’s so chilling and creepy and absolutely brilliant!

I would definitely recommend this one. The whole movie was very well done. The ending didn’t completely make sense to me, but overall, it was great and worth watching. Tell me what you guys think about this one!

Sinister (2012 film) Review


I have no words to describe how much I loved this movie. It was horrifyingly fantastic. Over the recent years, few movies have really stuck with me. This movie is definitely one of them. Let me tell you why.

I liked the whole premise of the movie. When I saw the bodies hanging from the tree in the beginning of this movie, I knew it was going to be one heck of a journey, and boy was it. Sinister is about true crime writer Ellison Oswalt played by Ethan Hawke moving his family into his next big project – the house of where a mass murder and kidnapping took place. After moving in, Ellison finds a box of seemingly normal family tapes in the attic. However, the tapes turn out to be of various mass murders that have taken place – all of which somehow relates to the symbol for the pagan deity, Bughuul. Not long after watching the tapes, Ellison sees Bughuul in them, and he can’t seem to get away from “Mr. Boogie.” The movie does a great job of telling us the story. It didn’t seem rushed at all, and I really liked the characters because of that. I got to know them more, and I was rooting for them so badly. The whole plot was definitely very well thought out.

The tapes bring me to my next point. This movie was pretty scary, and the tapes were one of the things I loved most about this movie. They were so horribly ironic in their naming (Eg. BBQ ’79, Pool Party ’66, etc.), and it was just great. Bughuul, himself, is pretty creepy. It’s a simple design, but it is very effective. I can just see him standing there in the bushes while I walk alone at night. After watching this movie, I was afraid to see him in my bedroom. The soundtrack was a beautiful addition to this haunting movie. It was just perfect for the mood of it all. I was on my toes the entire time, and I felt the eerie sensation I was being watched because of the atmosphere. I loved every moment of it.

“Once you see him, nothing can save you.”

I’m very interested in the the idea of being cursed by seeing things. It’s totally freaky.That’s why I really like The Grudge, The Ring, and other movies with similar themes. This movie is one of them, and the thought of that is absolutely terrifying to me. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I were to be haunted. Seeing movies like this really gives me the chills. I always feel like I’m going to be cursed like the characters just by watching the movie.

So, is this movie worth watching? Yes. It’s one of the better horror movies to be released recently, and I totally recommend it. It’s just absolutely fantastic. It’s a great movie to add to any horror junkie’s collection.

The Conjuring Review


Alright, guys. A lot of movies have come out in the recent years about possessions and demons and whatnot, but I have to say that this one was actually pretty good. Here’s why:

True story. Yes, I know that the movie changed some things around and might have exaggerated some, but come on. You can’t tell me that you weren’t just the tiniest bit freaked out when you found out this movie was based on real events. It’s based on the actual hauntings experienced by the Perron family, and the consequent investigations made by the famous paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga respectively. According to the movie, the house belonged to an accused witch, Bathsheba, who sacrificed her child to the devil, cursing anyone who tried to take her land. However, the real truth is that no one really knows for sure whether this is true or not. If you don’t like inaccuracies, this may not be the movie for you, but if you don’t particularly care, then by all means, watch it.

The acting. I thought the whole cast did a pretty convincing job, and at times when there was a lot of suspense, I was right there with the characters, scared for my life. There were a lot of younger characters in this movie because of the many daughters in the Perron family, but I thought they did a fantastic job with this movie, so kudos to them. I thought Joey King, in particular, who you might recognize from Ramona and Beezus, did a brilliant job especially. Finally, I love Vera Farmiga, so that’s a plus for me. I can’t wait to see more from her.

The horror. I will say that there were some cheap jump scares here and there, but the whole movie is brilliantly done and not overly-cliched. Sure, it has its fair share of overused tropes, but that’s to be expected in a genre as well covered as demonic possession. The makeup was pretty freaky. The night I watched it, I could have sworn I heard clapping in the distance… or maybe it’s just my paranoia. In any case, the movie had me on my toes for a majority of the time, waiting for what I know is coming, but when it did come, I was still scared anyway. The Annabelle doll they used in the movie was pretty creepy. I’d love to buy one and scare my friends with it some time by putting it in their rooms.


Geez, imagine waking up to that in your room. There wasn’t much gore. The movie instead relied on creepy atmosphere and horrifying scenes.

Was this movie groundbreaking? Probably not. Is it still worth watching? Absolutely. It’s a great movie to watch on a rainy and gloomy day when the atmosphere is just right. I highly recommend it.

As an afterword, I’d like to point out that I believe Lorraine Warren conducts tours at her house. Oh, I’d love to see that!