Miss Don’t Touch Me Volume One by Joe Johnson Review


Fair Warning: This book is quite graphic, but that’s to be expected when you read a graphic novel in which the main characters are prostitutes.

Plot: There’s a murderer in Paris, and they call him “The Butcher of the Dances,” preying on loose women at dances and whatnot. The main character, Blanche, has a sister who is murdered by this serial killer, so she goes on a little journey (into a brothel) to find out who killed her sister. Can she work undercover in a brothel and find out who the killer is and still maintain her virginity? Find out in Miss Don’t Touch Me Volume One. Dun dun dun…

Review: Alright, all joking aside, I quite liked this book. It’s your classic whodunit book, but who doesn’t love one of those every now and then? I thought the setting and plot were pretty interesting from the beginning to the end, and I couldn’t put it down. It was just overall fantastic.

The plot was pretty simple, but it was told in an interesting and entertaining manner. You seriously can’t go into this book and expect to take it seriously. It’s completely unrealistic with the whole keeping her virginity in a brothel thing, but you’re not meant to do so. It’s totally for fun, and it’s supposed to be entertaining, and it was. I loved the whole plot from the mystery to the big reveal.

Some could argue that the characters were all quite cliched, but I really liked them. They were all so different and entertaining that I couldn’t put the book down. I wanted to know what was going to happen to the characters because I grew a small attachment to several of them. Blanche, even with the whole virginity thing, was still an interesting main character. In some parts of the book, she completely surprises me with some of the things she does, but I suppose she was really angry for the police writing her sister’s murder off as a suicide. All in all, the characters in Miss Don’t Touch Me are great.

The artwork is somewhat reminiscent of Sandman by Neil Gaiman except more racy, but it was quite charming. It was perfect for the setting, and I really liked it. It was fun, colourful, and very detailed. Kudos to the artists for that!


Again, I have to stress that this book is pretty racy with some graphic images, so it’s definitely not for everyone. Read with caution. If you can handle it though, go and give this a try. Tell me what you think!

Live long and prosper!


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